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January 6, 2008

Feast of the Epiphany


Dear Fellow Catholic,


The Church has received a great grace with Summorum Pontificum.


For forty years the traditional Latin Mass was in captivity. But now the Pope has freed the Mass, and opened the way to a Latin Mass revival throughout the world.


But, it is up to Catholics at the grass roots to build momentum for a liturgical renewal! Otherwise, what the Pope has launched will be stopped dead in its tracks.


How can we build momentum for a true liturgical renewal in this country? The answer is to help Priests everywhere learn to offer the traditional Latin Mass.


Now that Pope Benedict has confirmed that every Priest has the right to offer the traditional Latin Mass, all over the country, Priests are inquiring about how and where they can learn to offer the Latin Mass.


But how can we help busy parish Priests, with many pastoral responsibilities, learn the Mass of all time?

Here is how:





Many good Priests who want to learn the traditional Latin Mass, who want to see the liturgy restored, are not able to leave their parishes for intensive in-person training to learn how offer Mass according to the 1962 Missal.


That is why Keep the Faith has decided to mail every Priest in the country -- all of them! -- an offer to provide them, without charge, a DVD they can use to train themselves to offer the traditional Latin Mass.


The Priestly Fraternity is now producing a DVD for the training of Priests who want to learn how to offer the traditional Latin Mass.


This DVD is being produced with the help of the production staff of the Eternal Word Television Network, and with the approval and collaboration of the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei and its president, Dario Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos.


In fact, Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos will be providing the introduction to the DVD, thereby expressing the Vatican's complete support of this vital project.


With your help, Keep the Faith will offer this DVD absolutely FREE to every single Priest in America who requests it!





Many Catholics are understandably concerned that implementation of the Motu Proprio could produce liturgical abuses in the offering of the traditional Latin Mass by Priests who are insufficiently instructed in how to celebrate it.


But this instructional DVD, approved by the Vatican, will provide a liturgical standard that will ensure uniformity and dignity in the implementation of the Motu Proprio.


The DVD will be a flexible and comprehensive resource that recognizes the different levels of familiarity Priests may have with Latin and the ceremonies of the traditional Latin Mass, and covers all its various aspects thoroughly.


This DVD will not only be useful for Priests, but also for the laity who want to learn about the Latin Mass. It will contain --


1.     a complete explanation of the Mass, not only from the view point of a Priest learning to celebrate it, but with


2.     multiple commentaries on the spiritual aspects of the Mass, and


3.     a complete uninterrupted visual presentation of the Mass, with


4.     English, Spanish, and Italian soundtracks.


In short, this DVD will be the most useful and effective tool available for helping Priests recover our liturgical heritage.




We expect the video production to be finished and the DVD ready to be shipped in the first quarter of 2008. Duplicating and shipping this DVD to every single Priest who requests a copy will be an expensive proposition. But it is an expense we simply must incur.


We are privileged to be living in this era of renewed vigor in the liturgical life of the Church. With the Motu Proprio we are witnessing a real turning point in history!


The good Lord, through our Holy Father, has given the Church a great gift. Keep the Faith wants to do everything it can to help Priests everywhere make that gift bear fruit.


Please help us make available to every Priest in America without charge -- all 46,000 of them! -- this comprehensive Latin Mass training DVD approved by the Vatican and introduced by Dario Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos, head of the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei.


Mary, Help of Christians, Pray for Us!  


Father Vincent Young


P.S. We Catholics cannot allow the momentum created by Pope Benedict's Motu Pro- prio freeing the Latin Mass to be blunted.


That is why we have undertaken this critical initiative, which will help guarantee to our children and grandchildren the handing down of our liturgical patrimony.