MASS THIS SUNDAY (March 26, 2017)
Fourth Sunday of Lent (Laetare Sunday)

12:00 noon, Holy Ghost Church, Knoxville

     St. Edmund Campion Missal & Hymnal page numbers:

     Asperges Rite:  Asperges me  (567)

     Order of Mass:  Missalette or Campion Missal (569)

     Proper Prayers and Readings:  Mass leaflet or Campion Missal (120)

     Kyrie, (no Gloria), Credo III, Sanctus, Agnus Dei:  Mass XVII (762)

     Preface for Lent:  Campion Missal (686)

     Final Marian Antiphon:  Ave, Regina Caelorum (951)

3 pm, St. Joseph the Worker Church, Madisonville

5 pm, Basilica of Sts. Peter & Paul, Chattanooga


Passion Sunday (1st Sunday of Passiontide)

12:00 pm, Holy Ghost Church, Knoxville

3 pm, St. Therese of Lisieux Church, Cleveland

3 pm, St. Mary Church, Johnson City


Feast of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

   (Angelus Missal, p. 1154; Baronius Missal, p. 1217, Campion Missal, p. 453; propers leaflets)

10:00 am, Holy Ghost Church, Knoxville – High Mass at the Our Lady side altar


The Solemnity (1st Class Feast) of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Missal note: This is the great festival of the Incarnation, commemorating the announcement by the Archangel Gabriel to our Lady that the Divine Son of God, the Word, would take human nature upon Him in her virginal womb. . . . On this day the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us, in the mystery of the Incarnation that we now celebrate. . . . Equally, this great feast proclaims the glory and greatness of Mary, who was chosen to co-operate with God in the restoration of mankind. Hence her most glorious title of “mother of God”.


The Annunciation (circa 1438-1445) by Fra Angelico


This 4th Sunday of Lent is also known as "Laetare Sunday", the nickname coming from the first word of today's Introit—


Laetare Jerusalem ... ("Rejoice, O Jerusalem ...").


That first sung word "Rejoice" (Laetare) of this Mass, together with flowers around the altar and the celebrant's rose vestments (photos here), instead of Lenten violet, signals a brief respite from Lenten austerity, and a tiny foretaste of Easter festivity. This temporary relaxation of the penitential character of Lenten Sundays marks the fact that by Laetare Sunday we have passed the halfway point of Lent, with only 18 of the 40 traditional days of penance remaining. (The traditional "forty days of Lent" consist of the 46 days between Ash Wednesday and Holy Saturday inclusive, minus the 6 Sundays of Lent.)





Announcement for insertion in local parish bulletins during Lent:


Easter Latin Mass

The traditional Latin Mass of Easter will be offered this year at Holy Ghost Church (Knoxville) at 12 noon on Easter Sunday (April 16). This special Mass will be accompanied by motets and sacred polyphony, with the variable proper parts of the great Easter liturgy sung in Gregorian chant and the fixed ordinary parts (the Kyrie, Gloria, Sanctus, etc.) in a choral setting by the 18th century Viennese composer Franz Joseph Haydn.  All area Catholics and their friends are invited to share this festive celebration of the Resurrection of Our Lord, which in recent years has attracted worshipers from a number of diocesan parishes.



Click here or go to to download a copy of this poster so you can print copies to invite friends who might like to join us for the very special Mass of Easter. Perhaps post them on parish and grocery store bulletin boards in the spirit of the Church’s call for "new evangelization".


After all, what could be a more effective tool for Catholic evangelization than the Mass of the Ages that nurtured and sustained the faith for over 1500 years? How many local Catholics would dearly love to attend a Mass as reverent and beautiful as our sung Latin Mass every Sunday at Holy Ghost Church, but are simply unaware that such transcendent Catholic liturgy is still available hereabouts?



Knoxville Latin Mass Community (KLMC) expenses in support of Latin liturgy typically average several hundred dollars weekly. This includes a regular KLMC contribution of $200 per week to Holy Ghost Church to support the Latin Mass (and specifically our outstanding sacred music program), plus additional expenses (e.g., stipends for visiting priests and special occasions) of several hundred dollars monthly. These expenses are covered solely by donations directly to the KLMC, separate from our individual members’ contributions to Holy Ghost Church itself via parish envelopes and cash donations in the 12 pm Sunday Mass collections.


Please use the special addressed Knoxville Latin Mass Community envelopes that can be handed in or mailed to the KLMC (but should be kept separate from and in addition to the regular parish and diocesan offertory envelopes). For additional details or to contribute online, see the "Make a Contribution" page at our community web site


To receive a weekly notice of the Latin Mass newsletter when it is posted . . . Just send your name and e-mail address to  or write them on a Knoxville Latin Mass Community envelope and leave it on a missalette table after Mass. The posted e-mail version has live internet links, and usually includes photos or other additional content that doesn't fit in the printed version.