MASS THIS SUNDAY (March 1, 2015)

2nd Sunday of Lent
1:30 pm, Holy Ghost Church, Knoxville

          St. Edmund Campion Missal & Hymnal
page numbers:

          Processional Hymn:  O Kind Creator, Bow Thine Ear (832)

          Asperges Rite:  Asperges me (567)

          Order of Mass (569)

          Proper Prayers and Readings (111)

          Kyrie, Credo III, Sanctus-Benedictus, Agnus Dei: Mass XVII (762)

          Preface of Lent (686)

          Marian antiphon:  Ave Regina Caelorum (951)

          Recessional Hymn:  Throughout These Forty Days (828)

11 am, St. Francis of Assisi Church, Townsend

3 pm, St. Therese of Lisieux Church, Cleveland

3 pm, St. Mary's Church, Johnson City


MASS NEXT SUNDAY (March 8, 2015)
3rd Sunday of Lent

1:30 pm, Holy Ghost Church, Knoxville

11 am, St. Francis of Assisi Church, Townsend

3 pm, St. Joseph the Worker Church, Madisonville




From the first part (click here) of a 3-part New Liturgical Movement series of reflections by Prof. Peter Kwasniewski on Pope Pius XII’s great encyclical Mediator Dei (1948) on the sacred liturgy, which may well seem still even more pertinent now than it was when first written:


The Mass is not a social gathering with a humanitarian aim, it is not even a symbolic drama in which we play-act the death of Jesus. It is a true and proper sacrifice, the unbloody re-presentation of the sacrifice of Calvary. Our Lord Jesus Christ’s once-for-all immolation on the Cross is made present and active for us sinners, who would otherwise be lost forever. He comes to be present in this awe-filled, world-changing, life-shaking, heaven-rending sacrifice. For our part, do we appreciate what is happening on the altar? Do our actions, attitudes, responses, artistic expressions, accurately convey our interior awareness of this great mystery, before which we should fall in total self-abnegation, profound humility, trembling adoration?



In the second part (click here) Prof. Kwasniewski reminds us that


The “chief duty and supreme dignity” of the Christian is “to participate in the Eucharistic Sacrifice.” It is not social work; it is not evangelization or catechesis or education; it is not political activism; it is not breaking down barriers of prejudice; it is not the defense of human rights. Our dignity consists above all in worshiping the true God at His holy altar—and making of ourselves an oblation that is pleasing to Him by attaching ourselves devoutly to the supreme offering of Jesus Christ the High Priest. If this is not what we are thinking and intending to do during Mass, we have missed the entire point of the liturgy. We are doing violence to it, abusing it, making it serve our own ends rather than serving its inherent end.


And from the third part (click here) on our interior attitude in worship at Holy Mass:


If our experience of the Mass and its “externals” seems to say to us little or nothing of the “religious homage” offered to the eternal Father by Jesus Christ, the high priest of our confession and victim for our sins; if it does not cultivate in us explicit acts of “adoration, honor, praise, and thanksgiving to the supreme majesty of God” (including the very consciousness of His majesty!); if it does not lead us ever deeper into the sacrificial death of Christ so that we understand ourselves to be, and desire ourselves to be, victims with him in a “mystical death on the cross”—then one might well wonder whether it is serving its supernatural purpose at all. For sure, the mystery is still present if the consecration is valid; but are we present to the mystery? Has the liturgy, have the texts, ceremonies, music, and other elements, made us present to the Lord, Priest and Victim, as they are meant to do?


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