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In a memorable passage of his autobiograpical Milestones (Ignatius Press), Pope Benedict XVI has described movingly the pivotal effect on his development of new missals received at key points during his youth. Indeed, what better gift on such an occasion than a missal for assistance at Holy Mass? Or perhaps a nice missal cover for one who already has a personal missal. offers black vinyl missal covers with a choice of a dozen different embroidered designs, either ready made or made to fit the missal of your choice -- either an Angelus or Baronius 1962 missal or one of the older traditional Latin-English hand missals (St. Andrew, Fr. Lasance, St. Joseph, Marian, etc.).



Traditional Latin-English Missals

The banners above link to the publishers' web sites (Angelus Press and Baronius Press) of the first two complete 2000-page Latin-English daily missals -- for the traditional Latin Mass (TLM) according to the current (1962) rubrics -- to be published in the 40 years since Vatican II. Comparative descriptions of these new missals for the old Mass can be found here.

Early in the 1900s, long before Vatican II, Pope St. Pius X encouraged active and conscious participation in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass:

"The Holy Mass is a prayer itself, even the highest prayer that exists. It is the Sacrifice, dedicated by our Redeemer at the Cross, and repeated every day on the Altar. If you wish to hear Mass as it should be heard, you must follow with eye, heart, and mouth all that happens at the Altar. Further, you must pray with the Priest the holy words said by him. You have to associate your heart with the holy feelings which are contained in these words and in this manner you ought to follow all that happens on the Altar. When acting in this way, you have prayed Holy Mass."


You need a Latin-English missal to pray Holy Mass in this way. Below we give some sites where you can check out different TLM missals.


Baronius Press Daily Roman Missal (1962)

New complete Latin-English daily missal.

Baronius Press


Angelus Press Daily Roman Missal (1962)

New complete Latin-English daily missal.

Angelus Press


Saint Andrew Daily Missal

Reprint of the 1945 edition of a venerable favorite, a complete 2000-page Latin-English daily missal.


New Roman Missal (Fr. Lasance)

Reprint of the 1945 edition of a venerable favorite, a complete 2000-page Latin-English daily missal.


St. Joseph Daily Missal

Another pre-Vatican II favorite, 1300+ pages with Latin-English Ordinary and Order of Mass but with the proper prayers and readings only in English.


New Marian Missal

Another pre-Vatican II favorite. Intermediate between the St. Joseph Daily Missal and a "complete" Latin-English Latin daily missal: It contains in both Latin and English just those propers that are often sung by a Gregorian chant schola -- the introit, gradual, and the offertory and communion verses.


Latin-English Booklet-Missal

This is the inexpensive 64-page "red missalette" that's seen ubiquitously at indult Mass sites (including ours). Contains the Ordinary of the Mass in Latin and English, and combines conveniently with the propers pamphlets that often are available also.

Ecclesia Dei Coalition


Catholic Bookstore Sources

Both the availability and pricing of the missals mentioned above varies widely from time to time. Some sources to check:

Angelus Press

St. Bonaventure Publications

FSSP Publications



NOTE: Traditional missals published prior to 1962 are still eminently usable and many prefer their old missals, which lack only a few minor simplifications introduced by Pope John XXIII. The new Angelus Press and Baronius Press missals mentioned above incorporate these refinements.


On-line Propers and Prayers

For those without personal missals, this is a link to the "proper prayers" and readings for forthcoming Sunday Masses. Many people find it profitable to study these before attending Mass. Below are listed some additional on-line sources of these propers and readings.


Sacred Texts Site

A site that permits you to print an attractively formatted 16-page Latin-English copy of the 1962 Ordinary of the Mass incorporating the minor simplifications mentioned above. (For instance, the Confiteor is not repeated at Communion.)


Tridentine Latin Rite Missal Project

Click this link to find an on-line missal where you can read or print out the prayers and readings for a particular day's Mass.


Una Voce Propers Site

Click this link to download files that can be used to print a 4-page booklet of proper prayers and readings (for a given Sunday Mass) that "fits" with the red missalettes (mentioned above). These are the booklets and missalettes that are provided at the St. John Neumann Masses in Farragut.


Traditional Latin Mass Web Sites

The Priestly Order of St. Peter

Canonically established by Pope John Paul II in 1988, to provide priests prepared to celebrate the approved traditional Latin Masses called for in his Ecclesiae Dei decree. Commonly referred to as FSSP (for its Latin name Fraternitas Sacerdotalis Sancti Petri).


Ecclesia Dei Coalition

Coalition in support of Ecclesiae Dei; maintains an up-to-date directory of the approved traditional Latin Masses in over two-thirds of U.S. dioceses, and distributes the inexpensive and widely used Latin-English booklet missal mentioned above.


The Latin Mass Society

(of England and Wales) provides the best complete collection of articles, documents, and resources in support of the Tridentine Mass that is available in one location.

The Latin Liturgy Association

Also maintains a directory of the Latin Masses that are available in U.S. and Canadian dioceses. Includes both Novus Ordo Latin Masses (identified as 1970 missal) and Tridentine Latin Masses (identified as 1962 missal).


Una Voce International

A worldwide federation of local chapters whose mission is to support the celebration of the Tridentine/Gregorian Rite Mass within the Church, in union with the Holy See and the bishops united with the Supreme Pontiff of the Church as encouraged by Ecclesiae Dei in 1988.


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